What is a physical therapist and what do they do?

Written by: Dr Tami Recesso PT, DPT

Updated on: April 4, 2023

Physical Therapists practice in a wide variety of settings and serve people of all age groups. They are experts in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopedic, neuromuscular, and sports related injuries.These injuries prevent people from performing the activities and daily functions as they wish.

Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal experts. who aid their patients recovery in reaching their goals. They are highly skilled professionals who are all college graduates. Most have earned at the least a Masters Degree and some a Doctoral Degree. Also PT’s must pass a national examination and be licensed by the state in which they practice.

Tami Recesso, DPT is a licensed provider in New Hampshire and Massachu setts. She received her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Notre Dame college, and her Doctorate from Franklin Pierce in 2009. Also, she has over eight years of experience in working in outpatient orthopaedics. Her vast experience includes working in Sydney Australia with the 2000 Summer Olympic medical team. During her stay she had the unique opportunity of working with numerous Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

In July 2002 she announced the grand opening of Recesso Physical Therapy, LLC located at World Gym in Plaistow New Hampshire. Her mission is to provide quality personalized physical therapy service. Where customer service and professionalism matters.

Some of Tami’s former patients were willing to share their testimonials regarding their experience this past year:

  • “I feel so much better. I can actually get up in the morning and walk without pain…I’m thankful that my physician recommended such a knowledgeable and professional therapist” Mrs. R. Atkinson.
  • “The therapist did a great job working around my schedule and making me feel welcome and relaxed… Not only would I give a recommendation, but i’d also come back.” Mr. T Atkinson.
  • “Her knowledge, wisdom, guidance and care of her patients exhibits true expertise! Any patient of Tami’s is fortunate to be in her care.” Ms. M. Kingston.


You can choose your Physical Therapist the same way that you might choose your physician or dentist; through recommendations from your doctor, family, friends, or by checking telephone listings or doing your own research. Be aware that even if your insurance requires a physician’s referral for physical therapy. you always have the right to see the PT of your choice.

People of all ages can and do benefit from physical therapy. Whether they’re experiencing aches and pains, seeking to regain function lost to disease or injury, wanting to set up their exercise regimen in a smart and healthy way, or for ergonomic guidance in the workplace.

Call to schedule a consultation with Tami Recesso at +16033823336.Most insurance and self payment is accepted.

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