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Dr. Tami Recesso, PT, DPT

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Having over 28 years of outpatient orthopaedic, private practice, and manual therapy experience I have educated hundreds of students throughout my career as a clinical instructor and mentor for UMass Lowell, Franklin Pierce College, North Shore Community College, Tufts University and Northeastern as a clinical instructor. I have a great passion for what I do especially in the field of manual therapy, complex spine therapy, and orthopaedics. I enjoy nothing more than sharing my education and experience in manual therapy while helping to prevent unnecessary pain injections, surgeries, and opioid addiction with my clients.

Significant among my accomplishments is that I was the only American selected to work as part of the physiotherapy medical team for three months at the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic games. I have continued my education with training on a variety of high level manual therapy techniques, strain counter strain, muscle energy, myofascial release, scar tissue mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, and craniosacral therapy coursework. For over 20 years and counting I own a successful and highly regarded private practice, Recesso Physical Therapy LLC, with two locations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The DocTami Community!

I am super excited to have you become a member of the doctami community which will help me provide you with more ways to live the healthiest and highest quality lifestyle you could imagine!

Thank you for supporting me on my mission to help the world live a healthy pain free lifestyle!

Success Stories & Testimonials

“It is with sincere pleasure I recommend DocTami for anyone searching for a life coach. I have worked with a life coach for over three years. I am not new to this relationship at all DocTami is the real deal. She walks the talk of what it is all about in life. She is an accomplished business woman who knows how to apply her skills of getting work done while she brings out the best in her clients.

zan C


She is a fantastic listener and communicator who is able to tease out precisely where my blockage of my success and joy lies. DocTami encourages, supports, and get me out of my comfort zone as I shed my old beliefs of who I thought I was. When you are ready to make changes in your life, call DocTami.

Zan Cusa


When you go to your first session with Dr Tami Recesso, her two best qualities become apparent, first she is a highly skilled manual therapist Her training and years of experience enable her to get right to the area of your discomfort,second she actually cares about getting you back to your normal life. She has a gift for relating to people who are in pain, After two visits to the Emergency Room, many tests, and seeing several MD’s, the best I could hope for was Tylenol. At my first session Dr Recesso wanted to know everything about my conditionand treatments so far. Then she said some of the most beautiful words I have ever hear: Thank you for comin in.

Karl C


I started going to RPT because I was seeking more of a hands on approach to PT as I was not benefitting from the exercise based model I had been receiving. Having spent the last 2 years in PT following a back injury that resulted in the need for a spinal fusion I am amazed at my rapid progress after just a few sessions with Dr Recesso and her team. I am confident in their guidance towards a more holistic approach to chronic pain relief and keeping me off the operating table . I am physically and mentally feeling better than ever and can confidently attribute my success to the RPT team i would give them 5 stars!

Victoria M